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Three Random Articles

Involve Testing Throughout the SDLC

Too often a test team is employed only towards the end of a project cycle. This means the test team is not as fully leveraged as they could be and therefore the project is not reaching as high a quality … Continue reading

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Increasing Test Effort Estimation Effectiveness

On May 29, 2008, I presented “Increasing Test Effort Estimation Effectiveness” to VANQ.org, the Vancouver Software Quality Assurance User Group, and I wanted to share that material with you. Estimates Provide Visibility to Stakeholders To know how much we will … Continue reading

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“Bad User” Testing

How can you be sure that an application will behave properly when users perform actions or combinations of actions that were not considered during the development of the functionality? During the testing phase, you have to plan for what is … Continue reading

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  • Agile Testing: Topics or discussions for improving software testing practices that are agreeable with Agile Principles
  • Automation & Tools: Approaches for using tools and test automation techniques to accelerate testing efforts and/or increase test effectiveness
  • Business of Testing: Discussions around how to integrate software testing within the team, the organization and the business, and make visible the value of quality, testing and the people involved
  • Estimation for Testing: Approaches for including re-usable estimation techniques in the planning and management activities of the project to provide realistic options and aid good decision-making
  • Planning for Quality: Articles discussing how to build quality into the project through upfront planning, practical practices, and streamlined processes
  • Requirements & Testing: Discussions on where requirements and software testing come together and how each can better help and support the other
  • Risk & Testing: Looking at how software testing can be used in the larger context of risk management and mitigation
  • Team Building: Topics around encouraging, empowering, organizing both test and project teams
  • Test Planning & Strategy: Addressing topics around designing test approaches, incorporating test techniques, setting up testing, and communicating the strategies for implementation
  • Other: A catchall for topics that don’t have their own category yet