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Three Random Articles

Click OK to Crash

I – of course – use a risk-based approach in my testing, meaning that checking the exact phrasing of error messages is very far down on my prioritised list of test tasks. As long as the message is relevant and … Continue reading

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Performance and Culture – Contrived vs. Legitimate Quality

I read with interest and appreciation the comments on the View from the Q blog about what not to do with respect to Performance Management. I have encountered reporting situations and the ultimate result is that more energy and effort is spent … Continue reading

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Quality for Rapid Delivery

In the interests of the September theme, I will keep this short.  In his blog, Paul B posed the following challenge: “a conversation about how the practice of quality could evolve to support the needs of a rapidly changing world. … Continue reading

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  • Agile Testing: Topics or discussions for improving software testing practices that are agreeable with Agile Principles
  • Automation & Tools: Approaches for using tools and test automation techniques to accelerate testing efforts and/or increase test effectiveness
  • Business of Testing: Discussions around how to integrate software testing within the team, the organization and the business, and make visible the value of quality, testing and the people involved
  • Estimation for Testing: Approaches for including re-usable estimation techniques in the planning and management activities of the project to provide realistic options and aid good decision-making
  • Planning for Quality: Articles discussing how to build quality into the project through upfront planning, practical practices, and streamlined processes
  • Requirements & Testing: Discussions on where requirements and software testing come together and how each can better help and support the other
  • Risk & Testing: Looking at how software testing can be used in the larger context of risk management and mitigation
  • Team Building: Topics around encouraging, empowering, organizing both test and project teams
  • Test Planning & Strategy: Addressing topics around designing test approaches, incorporating test techniques, setting up testing, and communicating the strategies for implementation
  • Other: A catchall for topics that don’t have their own category yet