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Three Random Articles

Going To The Extreme – xBTM

Now that the project has finished it is time to sum up my experiences of adapting Thread-Based Test Management (TBTM). Since I generally do not believe in rigorously adhering to a protocol, I ended up not using TBTM strictly, but … Continue reading

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Tying Up Some Loose Ends

I think it is time for a follow-up on my experience of applying Thread-Based Test Management (TBTM). In October last year I blogged about my attempt at setting up my tests for a new project using TBTM. It was a smaller … Continue reading

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Model-Based Testing – Learning Experience

As a software tester, I find that using models is very helpful. Models allow us to understand a business process or how a system should behave in a given situation. In my practice of software testing, I keep sketches of … Continue reading

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  • Agile Testing: Topics or discussions for improving software testing practices that are agreeable with Agile Principles
  • Automation & Tools: Approaches for using tools and test automation techniques to accelerate testing efforts and/or increase test effectiveness
  • Business of Testing: Discussions around how to integrate software testing within the team, the organization and the business, and make visible the value of quality, testing and the people involved
  • Estimation for Testing: Approaches for including re-usable estimation techniques in the planning and management activities of the project to provide realistic options and aid good decision-making
  • Planning for Quality: Articles discussing how to build quality into the project through upfront planning, practical practices, and streamlined processes
  • Requirements & Testing: Discussions on where requirements and software testing come together and how each can better help and support the other
  • Risk & Testing: Looking at how software testing can be used in the larger context of risk management and mitigation
  • Team Building: Topics around encouraging, empowering, organizing both test and project teams
  • Test Planning & Strategy: Addressing topics around designing test approaches, incorporating test techniques, setting up testing, and communicating the strategies for implementation
  • Other: A catchall for topics that don’t have their own category yet