Risk Mitigation – Scarcity Leads to Risk-Driven Choices

I presented “Risk Mitigation – Scarcity Leads to Risk-Driven Choices” to yvrTesting.com and the Annex Consulting Group, and I wanted to share that material with you.

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Testing is a recognized mitigation solution for certain risks on a software project.  Additionally, it is understood that not doing testing will certainly raise the likelihood and impact of risks to the project, and therefore to the business.

Then obviously, if we want to have a nice smooth-sailing project that will contribute to the success of the business, we must be sure to test…a lot…right?

In the face of limited resources/budget and a tight schedule, the mitigation strategies for all the project’s risks compete with each other and with the work of actually getting the functionality built.

When there isn’t enough of something to let us do whatever we want when we want, we are dealing with ‘scarcity’.  And in the face of scarcity, choices, often tough ones, need to be made.

In the presentation, we explored the implications scarcity has on risk mitigation and discussed what we can do to make those tough, risk-driven decisions more straightforward.

You can download the slides here: Risk Mitigation – Scarcity Requires Risk-Driven Choices


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