Successfully Integrating Test Automation and Agile Projects

On Oct. 7, 2009, I presented “Successfully Integrating Test Automation and Agile Projects” to Annex Consulting Group CIO Breakfast, and I wanted to share that material with you.

To accelerate your project and specifically the testing of your releases, test automation is typically seen as a critical component. And in the case of Agile or agile-like projects, the requirement for automation is a key aspect of the methodology. However, it is quite common for a project team or an organization to attempt to automate testing one or more times and only gain mediocre results or be forced to abandon the effort all together. In this presentation, we will discuss some of the common goals and challenges of automation, how they translate to an Agile environment, and what can be done to increase the chances for creating an effective test automation solution for your project.

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