Increasing Test Effort Estimation Effectiveness

On May 29, 2008, I presented “Increasing Test Effort Estimation Effectiveness” to, the Vancouver Software Quality Assurance User Group, and I wanted to share that material with you.

Estimates Provide Visibility to Stakeholders

  • To know how much we will do, we need to know how big it is (Vision) relative to our constraints (Capacity)
  • For each scenario (Choices) of effort, resources and constraints we can determine impact (Consequences) on Scope and level of Risk
  • Scope and Risks and Mitigation Approaches (Strategy) are inputs to the test strategy/plan
  • All of the above and the task level effort (work) estimates are inputs to the project plan

Estimates Provide a Foundation for Planning

  • A good estimate makes the project achievable.
  • Identifies the winning combination of features and options.
  • Establishes the initial risks for risk management.

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As this was a presentation where participation was expected, you can read the article Estimating Test Effort – From Billiard Balls to Electron Clouds for additional details.

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