It’s Raid Night! Gamification for Software Test Teams?

I presented “It’s Raid Night! Gamification for Software Test Teams?” to, the Vancouver Software Quality Assurance User Group and I wanted to share that material with you.

People, processes and technology are the pillars of any company, but without the team nothing gets done.  Motivate your people, keep them engaged, and successful projects can happen.

Team building exercises, public and private recognitions; these are not new and are expected – at least on an intermittent, perhaps annual basis.  But, then the impact of these activities may be as (in)substantial as bringing in a trainer for a day to lecture from a podium on a given topic.  With no practical incorporation into the fabric of the team, little value is added for the organization and its people.

So, what can be done in the workplace, on the project, every day…?  Especially with limited budget, no time, and/or overworked, sceptical team members.

The goals of gamification are to achieve higher levels of engagement, change behaviours and stimulate innovation by increasing the feelings of accomplishment, fun, and cooperation through a continuous feedback/rewards system.

In this presentation, we discussed and explored as a group how the ideas behind gamification could be applied to creating high performance software test teams.

You can download the slides here: It’s Raid Night! Gamification for Software Test Teams?

About Trevor Atkins

Trevor Atkins has been involved in 100’s of software projects over the last 20+ years and has a demonstrated track record of achieving rapid ROI for his customers and their business. Experienced in all project roles, Trevor’s primary focus has been on planning and execution of projects and improvement of the same, so as to optimize quality versus constraints for the business. LinkedIn Profile
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