You Are a Scientist

On May 15, 2012, Christin Wiedemann presented “You Are a Scientist” at the Let’s Test Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

A software tester is nothing less than a scientific researcher, using all his/her intelligence, imagination and creativity to gain empirical information about the software under test. But how do we prove to others that software testing is indeed a scientific method, that testing actually requires certain skills and that our work deserves recognition and respect? And even more importantly, how do we convince ourselves of our own value?

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About Christin Wiedemann

Christin Wiedemann (@c_wiedemann) is the Co-CEO and Chief Scientist of PQA Testing. After finishing her PhD in Physics at Stockholm University, Christin Wiedemann started working as a software developer for the Swedish consulting company HiQ. Christin soon discovered that software testing was more interesting and challenging than development and subsequently joined the Swedish test company AddQ Consulting. At AddQ, she worked as a tester, test lead and trainer, giving courses on agile testing, test design and exploratory testing throughout Europe. Christin developed a course on exploratory testing, and is a co-creator of the exploratory testing approach xBTM. Christin currently lives in Vancouver, where she joined Professional Quality Assurance (PQA) Ltd. in 2011. In her current role as Chief Scientist, she drives PQA’s research and method development work. She continues to use her scientific background and pedagogic abilities to develop her own skills and those of others. LinkedIn Profile
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