Metrics – Thinking In N-Dimensions

I presented “Metrics – Thinking in N-Dimensions” to, the Vancouver Software Quality Assurance User Group, and I wanted to share that material with you.

The biggest challenge in establishing an effective metrics programme is not the formulas, statistics, and complex analysis that are often associated with metrics.  Rather, the difficulty lies in determining which metrics provide valuable information to the project and/or organization and which do not, or worse may be misleading.

In this presentation, we will discuss a straightforward approach for looking at the multiple dimensions of choosing what metrics we should have to make certain decisions and how to get them.

You can download the slides here: Metrics – Thinking in N-Dimensions

About Trevor Atkins

Trevor Atkins has been involved in 100’s of software projects over the last 20+ years and has a demonstrated track record of achieving rapid ROI for his customers and their business. Experienced in all project roles, Trevor’s primary focus has been on planning and execution of projects and improvement of the same, so as to optimize quality versus constraints for the business. LinkedIn Profile
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